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Angel's Breath
Usually 3 flowers per stem, greenish yellow in colour dwarf habit. New Release 25 only
5.00 each
Y-Y Mid

Angel's Whisper
Up to 5 exquisite flowers, light yellow perianth with a slighter darker cup. 25 only
5.00 each
Y-Y Mid

April Tears
Up to 5 beautifully formed flowers
1.00 each
5 Y-Y

Dainty MonIque
Dainty little triandrus from New Zealand. 36 mm flowers
3.00 each
Y-Y Late

Fairy Chimes
Up to 6 yellow flowers per stem
1.25 each
5 Y-Y

The best miniature in my opinion in this Division, 3-4 flowers per stem
8.00 each
Y-YWW Late

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